Training Partners International serve a worldwide client base with a unique combination
of expertise in a variety of fields and the ability to work with all levels of your organisation.

What is your challenge? Sales training? Management training? Communication?
Time Management? What else?
You know what you want. You have the key to success. We support you in defining your
needs, designing your development program, delivering your best trainings ever, following
up, implementing, creating changes and obtaining results, based on our experience from
similar assignments with other clients.

We realize that your co-workers have knowledge, skills, experience and intuition and they
are therefore very important resources in any process. We secure active participation and enthusiasm by enrolling them as assistant coaches with “unlimited responsibility” to influence the rest of the team.

We deliver our services in English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Finish, Swedish
and Norwegian.

A process very often evolves into a combination of training, individual coaching and business advice, which leads to your goals.