The Process

Variation and high tempo, open dialogue, short input sessions, practical exercises, short
and intensive group work sessions, role plays and discussions, cooperation to find optimal solutions. These are key words describing our processes. We have a framework built on a philosophical, psychological and pedagogical basis, fine tuned according to our practical experience which we adjust to your needs.

It works because it is personal, genuine and authentic. It is directly linked to “on the job situations”.
It creates active participation, involvement and enthusiasm. The tools are so simple we start using them today.

The big changes and good results come when we give people time to grow on their own and others ideas, test them and implement them in line with One small step every day. Combining this with the idea of Quantum leaps in a process of typically 7-8 one day gatherings in approximately 12 months.

Awareness, inspiration, personal responsibility and motivation leads to successful implementation.