Stein Hval

- Trainer, speaker, coach, educator, business advisor.
- More than 30 years of international experience.
- Author of books on economy, health, rehabilitation and sports.

Working with people from all kinds of cultures and religions, from more than 80 nations all over the world, is a good basis for both confidence and humbleness. This gives the participants the opportunity to contribute with their involvement, creativity, experience and humour. Through commitment and enthusiasm we start testing ideas, adjusting them to our own situation and implementing them.

Companies don’t succeed - people do. How do we make your people stronger? What if we work with ideas that are so simple they work? Awareness, overview, communication, systems and planning.
What tools do we need - that we start using immediately? What a great motivation we create if we develop these tools together – based on the sum of our experiences!

Stein Hval - Norway
Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland
Joanne Athey, USA
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