Outi Piisi-Putta

- Trainer, marketing manager, lecturer, writer, business advisor.
   International dog judge.
- Many years’ experience in marketing, export and import, sales and
   different kinds of tasks connected to communication.
- Has written several articles on commercial topics, communication
   and judging dogs.
Motto: Always with people and for people.

Working with different people in different organisations and on different tasks has created a good basis to work as a trainer; to act at the same time as a member of the group and point the way with examples of every day life. Enthusiasm, dedication and experience are the right words to describe the trainer.

Companies don’t succeed – people do. How do we make your people stronger? What if we work with ideas that are so simple they work? Awareness, overview, communication, systems and planning.
What tools do we need – that we start using immediately?
What a great motivation we create if we develop these tools together
– based on the sum of our experiences!

Stein Hval - Norway
Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland
Joanne Athey, USA
Focus - Higher efficiency - Lower stress
Team building
Sales & Commercial training
Management training