The training is an accelerator of the positive living attitude. I will use it for the rest of my life.
- Liang Zhao, China

I got many exiting tools that were presented in a very inspiring way.
- Gert Olsen, Denmark

Your first session was wonderful. All my people are so geared up. The groups are working on this – asking questions and really getting into it. I have no input what so ever. Please make it your way next time as well.
- Ibrahim Amer, Egypt

Stein, don’t change your style! Your subtle leadership makes people grow and take responsibility.
- Allan Scott, England


It really works in the sense that it serves as a "WAKE UP CALL" to me and reminded me to be always on the right track. Thanks & warmest regards. - Wong Sek Weng, Malaysia

The training is already bringing results. I am facing people with a different attitude.
- Klaas Oosterhuis, The Netherlands

Warm thanks to our best lecturer ever!
- Hans Birger Wold, Norway

Dear Stein, It was a pleasure for me to spend these days with you! Thank you once again for a very professional and interesting (sometimes exciting) training!!!
- Anna Kamalutdinova, Russia

An Eye Opening course. The method taught me to tackle clients with self confidence.
- Abdul Halid, Singapore

Stein, you are the best. I really mean this. Because we have had some of the same concepts with other trainers, but only you are able to open up our minds.
- Paola Muscolin, Italy